Blackhat SEO Tactics

3 Blackhat SEO Tactics You Must Not be Tempted To Try

In any activity that brings rewards, especially financial ones, there will always be those who are tempted to use underhand tactics to gain an unfair advantage. The field of SEO is no different, and there are countless examples of website owners trying to game Google’s algorithm, so that their website ranks higher.

Whilst some have succeeded, it is often a victory that is short-lived, and the whole time those website owners had the dubious pleasure of looking over their shoulders waiting for the moment Google eventually delisted their website.

Those who like to gamble with their website and their business may feel it is a risk worth taking, but for the majority who wish to build a sustainable and long-term business, blackhat is not the way to go.

Another problem with blackhat tactics is Google has become more and sophisticated in the way it crawls websites and in identifying the ranking factors within a website. For this reason, it has become harder to manipulate rankings by using some of the tactics that Google is totally opposed to, like the 3 outlined below.

  1. Paid for Links / Link Exchanges

It is incredible that these ventures still exist but unfortunately, they do. For a start, there is no guarantee that any of the links you buy carry much, if any, authority at all. Bear in mind the whole point of building backlinks is to get some of the authority of the site you are linking from to flow to your website. The only links that you can genuinely have any confidence in doing that, are natural, organic links which have been created legitimately.


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Website Visibility

Is Your Website Visible?

Is Your Website Visible? Is A Question Most Business Owner’s Do Not Know The Answer To! Yet this is one of the most important questions the owner of a local business should ask regarding their website.

Many business’ have a website these day’s, a lot of thought a preparation goes into the website itself, but all too often the question “is your website visible?” is over-looked. If it is not being seen by those looking online for the products or services you offer, a massive opportunity is being missed.

The majority of business owner’s have no idea how visible their website is or how many visitor’s a month it receives. Often the website address (the URL) is the company name ie: A common mis-understanding is to type in your company name or URL into the Search Engine and there is your new website, right at the top (or very near) of the Search Engine Results Page. This creates a false impression as this does not represent your online visibility. You have searched your company name, as a result you will be at the top of the results. Your potential customer will not search for a company name, they will search for the product or service they require, in the region they require it.


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Internet Marketing Terminology

Intro to Internet Marketing Terminology

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Keywords, etc
If you have your own business website you may have become aware of Internet Marketing. You may also have heard a lot of terms being used to explain the different aspects involved in Internet Marketing.

The terminology used within Internet Marketing can often experience cross-overs, resulting in certain terms being used incorrectly. This is easily done as some of the terminology does overlap to a certain extent, couple this with a basic understanding and the subtle differences in the definitions of certain terms can become diluted when discussed.

So we thought we would make life a bit simpler for those of you interested in or considering Internet Marketing to promote your business website, by providing a brief explanation of some of the main terms used when referring to Internet Marketing.


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