3 Options Your Fitness Business Has To Implement An SEO Campaign

3 Options Your Fitness Business Has To Implement An SEO Campaign

If you would like to grow your fitness business and see your website as a means to achieve that then you are going to need to attract visitors, aka traffic, to your website. As the SEO professionals will tell you, there are basically two types of traffic, namely paid traffic , which is done through paid advertising or organic traffic which is generated through the use of SEO.

For those that prefer traffic from the search engines using SEO, we have to make it clear that is not a free option to begin with as it does require a degree of investment with respect to money and time. However, once your SEO goals have been achieved, your website receive plenty of traffic from the search engines.

If you choose SEO as the means to generate traffic then you basically have three options as to how to proceed which are, 1) Do it yourself, 2) Hire a freelancer, or 3) Employ an SEO agency. Each of these options has its pros and cons, so let us take a closer look to help you decide which one is right for you.

Do It Yourself

If you are comfortable with the technical aspects of the internet then you might choose to learn SEO and implement your SEO campaign yourself. Whilst this is laudable, the commitment in time is of going it alone is considerable.

You will certainly need to have your SEO knowledge up to expert level which is further time investment  whilst you learn, plus the time for implementing and maintaining your SEO is huge. Bear in mind, each hour you spend on SEO is an hour that you are not managing your fitness business, which may suffer as a result.

Hire A Freelancer

Many freelancers are hard-working diligent individuals, and there are many scenarios where their skills, knowledge, and work ethic make them an excellent and cost-effective solution for many online jobs you might want to be done. However, employing a single individual to plan, implement and then manage an entire SEO campaign is somewhat of a risk.

Whilst your freelancer might have excellent knowledge of SEO, and may also work hard, they only have the same number of hours in the day as anyone else. If they have several other clients then the amount of time that they are going to be able to commit to your SEO campaign is limited. As such the time it takes for you to see results with regards to better search engine rankings may be considerable, and thus the return on your investment is also delayed.

Employ An SEO Agency

Whilst this may be the option that requires the largest monetary investment upfront, it is also the one that is going to bring you the quickest returns, and crucially, the most sustainable and long-term returns too, meaning that the overall return is maximised. An SEO agency will employ multiple experts who all have detailed knowledge and experience of each aspect of SEO and thus each step they take has a much greater chance of bringing the desired results.

An SEO agency will also have access to SEO tools and resources that neither yourself nor a freelancer is likely to have, given that they require expert knowledge to use, and in many cases come at a considerable cost. You are also likely to have a greater level of communication with an SEO agency, plus they will be able to provide you with more detailed data with respect to the SEO campaign.