How To Launch Your Own Lifestyle Website

How To Launch Your Own Lifestyle Website

There are many reasons why web designers are asked to create websites, and the types of websites they are requested to design can vary significantly too. This can include corporate websites for large companies, eCommerce websites that will sell products, or websites for small businesses targeting a local audience, to name but three.

It is also the case that not every website that a web designer is asked to design will be purely for business purposes and to make a profit. One of those website types is a lifestyle website. As for what constitutes a lifestyle website, it can often depend on the person you are asking, given the broad scope of what might be classified as a lifestyle website.

Our definition of a lifestyle website is one where an individual takes something they are passionate about, be it a hobby, pastime, or anything else which plays a huge role in their life and publishes content relating to that passion. Content can include blog posts, videos, images, and audio that inform, entertain, and shed more light on the website owner’s passion.

A choice that many lifestyle website owners have to make at some point is whether they wish to monetise that website. It could be they are perfectly happy not to, and simply see their lifestyle website as a form of a personal journal that allows them to share their passion with others. Alternatively, they might choose to monetise via affiliate programs, ad revenue, or even selling their own information products, for example.

As to how you can start a lifestyle website about a passion you might have, here are the main steps you will need to take.

Select Your Lifestyle Passion: If you have just one passion, you can skip to the next step. However, if you have more than one, then our advice is to choose the one that you have the greatest enthusiasm for and would never get tired of writing or talking about.

Find A Web Designer: Next, you want to find a web designer who is going to help you create your lifestyle website. This could be a freelancer or a web design agency, but either way, research them and check their portfolio, reviews, and testimonials.

Agree On The Type And Design Of Your Website

Having chosen your web designer, the next task is to discuss and agree upon your lifestyle website’s design including the type of site (e.g. blog, or magazine style), layout, colours, fonts, and navigation.

Choose Your Domain Name And Hosting

For your domain name, choose one that relates to your passion. As for hosting, make sure they have great reviews concerning their reliability, speed, value for money, and customer support.

Start Creating Content For Your Lifestyle Website

Whilst your website is being designed you must start planning and then creating the content that you are going to publish when your lifestyle website is launched. You also want to plan in advance for future content.

Monetise Your Lifestyle Website (Optional)

If you decide to monetise your lifestyle website, there are several ways to do so. Apart from creating and selling your own digital products, you can have an eCommerce function to sell physical products, you could have affiliate links to sell other people’s products for a commission, or have advertising on your website, such as Google Ads.