Website Visibility

Is Your Website Visible?

Is Your Website Visible? Is A Question Most Business Owner’s Do Not Know The Answer To! Yet this is one of the most important questions the owner of a local business should ask regarding their website.

Many business’ have a website these day’s, a lot of thought a preparation goes into the website itself, but all too often the question “is your website visible?” is over-looked. If it is not being seen by those looking online for the products or services you offer, a massive opportunity is being missed.

The majority of business owner’s have no idea how visible their website is or how many visitor’s a month it receives. Often the website address (the URL) is the company name ie: A common mis-understanding is to type in your company name or URL into the Search Engine and there is your new website, right at the top (or very near) of the Search Engine Results Page. This creates a false impression as this does not represent your online visibility. You have searched your company name, as a result you will be at the top of the results. Your potential customer will not search for a company name, they will search for the product or service they require, in the region they require it.

Of course, your current customer’s may search for your website using your company name, you will have your website address on your business cards, flyers, advertisements, directory listings, etc. which is all good, but relying on this alone is missing a huge opportunity available to any business which has a website.

Local businesses’ differ from household names such as Facebook, Amazon or British Airways, local customer’s looking for the products or services you offer may not even be aware of your company and those customers use the Search Engine’s to provide them with the local supplier’s they require.

Thousands of local customers search online for local businesses’ offering the product or service they require. They will do so buy using a search term relevant to the product or service they want, even if they are aware of a local company name, by searching for the product or service they are presented with a selection of relevant local companies, at least those that are visible on the search engines!

To achieve top page ranking on the major Search Engine’s for your target market is a complex issue, which we will detail further in future posts.

First things first….your current online visibility. It is very important to understand your websites current visibility, maybe you have no idea how many visits your website currently receives and would like to know, maybe you feel or know your website isn’t receiving as many visits as you would like, maybe you would like to find out where your visits are coming from or what search terms are proving to be popular, or not! If you are interested in making your website visible online to your target market, you will first need to know where you currently stand.

One way of doing this is to manually type into a Search Engine a keyword phrase relevant to your website, search through the pages until you find your website listing and then repeat this for each keyword on every Search Engine….or we can provide this information for you, for Free and with no obligation!

We will let you know exactly where your website currently ranks on all the major Search Engines, so you can see where you are visible and where you are not. Also, to help understand what potential market may be available to you, we will add an initial assessment of the monthly searches performed for your products or services locally.

If you would like us to provide you with your Rank Report, just fill out your details below, we will do the rest and email the details back to you within 48 hours, it’s that simple!

That’s it! A 30 second form to be completed and you will soon know “if your website is visible?”.