How much will it cost?

The cost is dependent upon many factors but ultimately reflects the amount of work we need to put into creating and managing a successful Internet Marketing campaign for your business.

How long does it last?

This depends which form of Internet Marketing you wish to employ. A Pay Per Click Campaign would generally be for a limited time only, as would a Social Media Advertising campaign. SEO requires an initial set-up and may take a while to achieve the desired results, however it is meant as a long term strategy and once the desired ranking is achieved it is necessary to continue to maintain and adapt in order to protect your Search Engine Ranking.

What is the contract term?

We offer a range of contracts, from a rolling 30 day contract to a 12 month contract, again this depends on what form of Internet Marketing is required and which will be most suitable for the client.

Why Do I Need Internet Marketing

The search engines are the most popular medium for local customers to source local products/services. They will find what they are looking for on the first page, so your website needs to be on that page for the relevant search terms in order to make your business visible to those customers.

I Have Checked And I Am Already Postion 1 In Google

If you have input your URL (website address) or your company name, you will come up first as this is what you have asked the search engine to search for. Potential customers who are not aware of your company will not do this, they will search for the product or service they require using many various search terms. It is the most used of these terms for which you need your website to rank well for, which is what an SEO campaign will achieve for you.

How Do I Decide Which Form Of Internet Marketing Is Right For My Business?

With our help…some forms of Internet Marketing will work better for some business’ than others. We will assess and demonstrate the pro’s and con’s of each type of campaign and explain why one may prove more beneficial than another for your business.

Can You Guarantee A Page 1 Rank?

No…and you should be wary of anyone who says they can! So many factors are involved in SEO it is not possible to make a guarantee, at least not for the most beneficial search terms available to your business. What we can assure you of is that we will only undertake a campaign where we can demonstrate a real potential market and having assessed the competition we feel we have a very good opportunity to increase the number of relevant visitor’s to your website.

What is specific about Internet Marketing for Local Business?

Generally speaking a local business will want to attract local customers. With this in mind any Internet Marketing campaign should be geo-specific to the catchment area of the business. It is possible (and sadly does happen) to have an Internet Marketing campaign that drives lots of traffic to your website but if that traffic is not coming from the correct geographical location it is unlikely to convert into customers, which is after-all, the main aim.

I don’t really understand how this all works!

Don’t worry, many people don’t and to be honest your time is probably better spent focusing on your business. That is why we will happily explain as little or as much as you would like to know…in plain English. We feel it is beneficial for you to understand what it means to your business without bogging you down with the technical details.