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SEO Sussex for Local Business

SEO Sussex (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of ensuring that Sussex business websites are visible on the search engines to their potential Sussex based customer’s searching online.

The search engines provide everyone (with internet access) the ability to search for any product or service, in any geographical location, in any term they choose.

Thousands of customers search for what they require locally online, looking for a local service or product provider. These customers will find what they are looking for, often on their first search and usually on the first page of the search engine.

The majority of those customers having already made the decision to purchase!

In order for your business to be found by these customers, your website needs to be on page 1 of all the major search engines for the search terms that are being used by your customers.

The majority of local businesses have a website these days, however few are optimised for their target audience! This gives a fantastic opportunity to those local businesses who take advantage of Local SEO to beat their local competition to the thousands of potential customers looking online! The place to be seen is in the search engines!

If you have a website you have a tool which can be utilised to promote your business to thousands of potential new customers every month, using a medium that is completely free of charge!

Web Media Brighton are able to ensure that your website achieves and maintains page 1 ranking for the search terms that will drive the most traffic to your website, generating sales and increasing revenue.

Website Analysis We will assess your websites current performance online and identify the key areas for improvement.
Competition Analysis We will identify your main competitors and formulate a plan how to surpass them.
Keyword Analysis We will determine the keywords that will bring you the most business, will we use these keywords when optimising your website.
On-Page SEO We will ensure that the search engines view your website as the authority for your industry, making your website highly visible in the Search Engines. This will dramatically increase your website’s traffic, boost sales, and bring in new customers.
Off-Page SEO We will use the means listed below to give your website credibility with the search engines. This will also increase your online presence and direct traffic to your website.

Important off-page search engine optimisation includes:-

Article Submission Press Releases
Directory Listings Google Places Listing
Back Link Generation Video Submission

These must be done on a regular basis to maintain your websites ranking in the search engines. Many businesses fail to do this and ultimately lose their rankings to the competition.

Can it really increase my business?

Below is an example of how our work can accelerate the visibility of a website. These figures are for a brand new website, its very first live month online. This is analysis of an existing clients website. Take a look and imagine how much your business could benefit from this amount of exposure to local customers!

1st month live online

This business went from 0 to 100 daily visitors in its first month! Imagine what that growth could mean to your business!

646 unique visits = 646 potential new customers!

And 4 months later:-

in a 28 day period this website produced:-

2920 unique visitors = 2920 potential new customers!producing 3764 visits

These figures were achieved without using any form of paid advertising.

What Do These Figures Mean?

1st Month 5th Month The Benefits Of Effective SEO
646 unique visits 2920 unique visits Effective SEO wll drive qualified traffic to your website for the duration of the campaign.
27.75% from search engines 71.81% from search engines Effective SEO will put your website on Page 1 of the search engines
86% from the UK 92.45% from the UK Effective SEO will target your customers geographically
2.35% bounce rate 1.09% bounce rate Effective SEO will make your website relevant to your visitors
15,146 page views 40,560 page views Effective SEO means your websites visitors will have an interest in your offering
6m 6s average time on site 3m 9s average time on site Effective SEO makes your website valuable to your customers (internet average is 7s)


Would you like to have 100 people visiting your website everyday? 3000 potential customers each month who have come to your site because they already know you offer what they are looking for?

The majority of those customers having already made the decision to purchase!

If you have a website, USE IT TO IT’S FULL POTENTIAL and start generating more business!


If you do not currently have a website or maybe would like your website modernised, we can build your website for you also, which will of course be automatically optimised for Local SEO.

Embrace the power of the Internet and find out how Local SEO can help your business.