What It Takes To Successfully Embark On A Career As A Web Designer

What It Takes To Successfully Embark On A Career As A Web Designer

For anyone looking to start or change their career, one thing for sure is that there is certainly no shortage of possible careers to follow, and a career path available now that did not exist some 30 years ago is to join the thousands of web designers who have created the websites that we visit when we are online.

We said that web designing was not a career that existed 30 years ago, and that is for the simple reason that the internet had not yet become mainstream and thus websites back in the early 1990s looked nothing like the websites of today. In fact, such is the speed at which the internet and web design principles change, some websites built just 5 years ago now look somewhat dated.

This ongoing advancement in website design means that a career as a web designer is one where you will always have opportunities to advance your skills and knowledge. This will be the result of new developments in website design tools and software, what users online want to find when they visit a website evolving, and broadband speeds getting ever faster, for example.

We hope that the fact web design is continually evolving appeals to you, but for you to be involved in all of that you must first become a web designer, so read on and we will outline some steps that will allow you to embark on this highly creative and rewarding career.

Acquire The Knowledge Required

You do not need to go to college or gain a degree to become a web designer, although if you do, you will gain an excellent web design education. Otherwise, you will need to gain as much knowledge as you can regarding website design, programming language, UX, etc via online courses and other media.

Develop And Master The Necessary Skills

As well as knowing how to design a website, you will also need to develop the necessary skills. Some are technical, and others are classed as ‘soft’ skills. These include but are not limited to:

  • Coding
  • Programming
  • Website Design Software
  • Graphics
  • Content Management Systems
  • SEO
  • Creativity
  • Attention To Detail
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-Solving

Practice, Practice, Practice

No matter how high your level of web design knowledge becomes, nothing can accelerate your career more than practising designing and building websites. You may choose to become an expert in just one type of website or choose to do all types, but whichever choice you make, you must practice building these websites whenever possible, so that you develop your skills and experience.

Build A Portfolio

Before any individual or business will hire you to design and create a website, they will first want to see your previous designs. If you are just starting this can be a problem, but it can be overcome by agreeing to build websites for family, colleagues, or friends with a business for very small fees or even for free to create your portfolio. Even having five websites is enough to start with, as you can add to them as you gain further clients.

Choose Your Web Design Career Path

You have two main choices as to how your career will advance. The first is to gain employment with a marketing or web design agency, as these will always require web designers. The second is to work as a freelance web designer. Both have pros and cons so research each thoroughly before choosing.