Social Media

Using Social Media

Using Social Media to promote local business is ‘word of mouth’ for the 21st Century!

Almost everyone is familiar with social media these days, many use them in their personal lives, over 800 Million people use Facebook & Twitter alone!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a very effective way of; interacting with your current customers, community & industry; promoting your business and even advertising across the social networks.

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction is hugely beneficial to local businesses – Social Media Marketing encourages your existing client base to be followers of your company and become more interactive with your business much more often, more effectively and cheaper than ever before! You can keep your customers up to date with offers, news, competitions etc.. Customers enjoy this experience and when they enjoy it they share it. How valuable is that? Personal recommendations to potentially hundreds of local people who have never considered using your business before!

Community Interaction

Community Interaction using Social Media Marketing will raise your company profile within the local community as well as making it easier for you to keep up to date with what is happening in your community! You can keep your community up to date with offers, news, competitions, etc.. This will automatically be shared with everyone who takes an interest in your local community via Social Media!

Industry Interaction

Industry Interaction using Social Media Marketing will keep you up to date with the latest developments in your industry.


All the above will promote your business both locally and within your industry. Your clients being more involved and aware of your business will encourage them to introduce your business to their friends. It is an ideal way for your existing customers to tell everyone of the great experience they have had dealing with your Company. Creating a Social Media presence makes this easier for your customers and more tactile for those receiving the recommendation.


Social Media Advertising is a very flexible, powerful and relatively cheap form of advertising. Particularly useful to promote a particular product or service; a campaign can be structured to target specific demographics, for a specific time-frame and a specific budget. These campaigns can be set-up, altered or discontinued very quickly.

Integrating Social Media into your website and being active within the Social Media platforms you choose to use is a ‘must do’ for any local business website.

If you do not currently have a website or maybe would like your website modernised, we can build your website for you also, which will, of course, be automatically optimised for Local SEO.

Embrace the power of the Internet and find out how Using Social Media can help your business.