F.Lux – Better Lighting For Your Computer

Using Your Computer Late At Night? I spend a lot of time on my computer, both day and night! I have found this software which automatically changes the hue of your computer screen depending on the time of day you are on your computer.

The idea is that working on your computer late at night with the daytime settings can disrupt your sleep, I can’t say I can confirm or deny this yet, but I do enjoy my new hue at night and it does make the screen less intrusive.

You can use default settings or customise it to how you like it, plus the transition can be instant or gradual over an hour. There are further setting/options, but rather than go into them here, I suggest you play around with it yourself!

It’s a free download at http://stereopsis.com/flux/ so why not give it a go? If you decide to try this out, please feel free to make any comments.